01. What is professional psychological counseling?

There are many kinds of psychological counseling. At Perennial Tree Psychotherapy Center, we strive more for “how to own your life” than for “eliminating symptoms.” Therefore, […]

02. What are the features of the proceeding of psychological counseling?

Psychological counseling is a non-judgmental, confidential and mutually respectful procedure, where both the psychologist and the client feel secure as the former is professional and the […]

03. What is the purpose of psychological counseling?

Though everybody seeks psychological counseling for various reasons, the clients often expect and need: I. To resolve perplexities– Many people find themselves undergoing mental perplexities before […]

04. What are the conditions under which one should seek psychological counseling?

People would consider seeking psychological counseling when they are at the low points of their lives, find something wrong with themselves, feel emotionally painful, hurt, anxious, […]

05. What are the differences between psychological counseling and ordinary conversation?

Generally, people don’t enter psychological counseling for nothing. Lots of people make this decision after thinking over repeatedly and pro-longed struggling; therefore, the clients expect something […]

06. What are the differences between psychological counseling and self-help reading?

Many people do attain lots of new thoughts and learning by reading self-help books as a way to reflect on themselves. However, even enlightened enormously by […]

07. Why does psychological counseling have to persist for a period of time?

The practice of psychological counseling is inward-oriented. The working of psychology is intrinsically complicated to a certain degree, and the dimensions of personality have their depth […]

08. What can one achieve after receiving psychological counseling?

Lots of people find that their problems would not disappear right away after they receive psychological counseling, but the problems can be dealt with, faced and […]