One of the greatest challenges for modern people is how to maintain psychological health in the rapid, busy and complicated life. To understand the importance of psychological health is one thing, while to lead a psychologically healthy life is another. The founding of Perennial Tree Psychotherapy Center originates from the aspiration for inward psychological health and the wish to make people discover the possibility to transform oneself as well as awaken, connect and deepen the power of life that as always been part of one’s self.

Baobab is chosen as the mark of Perennial Tree Psychotherapy Center just because, beside its unique appearance, Baobab shows immeasurable power of life through its robustness and longevity. In ancient times, as it is said, Baobab represented the chance to survive, since its bottle-shape trunk can reserve and offer precious water to people whose lives are endangered. If you also wish to maintain your psychological health, if you believe that people would have opportunities to get through psychological difficulties and develop the potential of spiritual growth as long they are willing to face their true selves and relate to the deeper inward awakening of the selves, Perennial Tree Psychotherapy Center will be a good choice for you to rely on throughout your growth.