01. What is professional psychological counseling?

02. What are the features of the proceeding of psychological counseling?

There are many kinds of psychological counseling. At Perennial Tree Psychotherapy Center, we strive more for “how to own your life” than for “eliminating symptoms.” Therefore, our kind of psychological counseling is to apply the methodology of psychology and interaction to help people awaken inwardly and understand more about their own nature and core in the process of personal development, whereby one can live out the power of life.

There are two major categories in this kind of psychological counseling:

I. Awakening about the inner selves
Everyone assumes he or she understands himself or herself. But how deep do we understand ourselves? How clearly and thoroughly do we understand ourselves? We have to know well enough about the working of our psychology to understand more objectively who we are, before we are able to answer more appropriately the questions about self-knowledge. Where does my thought come from, for instance? What do I feel? Why do I respond this way at present? What am I doing? What is the hidden motive that I am not aware of? Which part of my past conditions what I am now? What part of the personal history, family, culture and society has influence on me? What drives my fears and desires? What’s the matter with me?

It requires lots of efforts to understand this much about ourselves, including challenging our sense of security, breaking through our comfort zone, facing the tension of growing up and so on. The “awakening about the inner self” not only expands the depth, width, clarity and correctness of the self-knowledge but also makes one build up a very critical belief about him or herself: inner growth is possible and more than what’s imaginable.

II. Living out the power of life from inside
When this belief is gradually experienced in life, psychological counseling will no longer be considered something you do at a certain period of time to discover yourself; though fundamentally important, the reinforcement of self-awareness and self-knowledge is not the end. Many people would care furthermore about “how to transcend the limits and how to fulfill the inner growth and awakening in life as much as possible,” that is, how to make the “awakening of the inner self” the irreplaceable foundation, upon which one can be committed to life and the world while facing the twist and turns of life or undergoing the intricate intertwining of living conditions and personal relationships and live out from there the power of life.”

“Living out the power of life from inside” must take the “awakening of the inner self” as the reference foundation; therefore, in psychological counseling, one would constantly practice aligning to this reference point and make all actions and choices aligned with it.

Why does it take practice to align to this reference point? Because, though impressed by the sense of profound understanding and tranquil feeling in the process of psychological counseling, many people also experience the uncertainty and frustration at the loss of it; as a result, they tend to consider personal feeling as the reference point and examine their feeling repeatedly, presuming falsely that they can find power from it, just like one would always be attracted to the changes of the moon whenever he or she looks up into the night sky. However, what if your inner self is the infinite starry sky while the skyline is the reference point you must align to?


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