02. What are the features of the proceeding of psychological counseling?

03. What is the purpose of psychological counseling?
01. What is professional psychological counseling?

Psychological counseling is a non-judgmental, confidential and mutually respectful procedure, where both the psychologist and the client feel secure as the former is professional and the latter is supported and companied. During this process, the client can comfortably explore who he/she really is and what he/she thinks and feels, no matter his/her experiences before are positive or negative.

Psychological counseling often involves discussion and assumptions of fundamental central values under all kinds of topics, such as, if I am worth loving, whether I can explore myself without worries and grow up the way I want, what purpose do I live for, and if I deserve to have a meaningful life.

Furthermore, the client’s motivation is considered important and integral in the progression of psychological counseling. Among others, the motive for “self-inquiry,” the motive to “let go” rather than “master” negative experience and the motive to make life “reflect positive power” rather than “learn more” positive ideas are particularly critical.

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