03. What is the purpose of psychological counseling?

04. What are the conditions under which one should seek psychological counseling?
02. What are the features of the proceeding of psychological counseling?

Though everybody seeks psychological counseling for various reasons, the clients often expect and need:

I. To resolve perplexities–
Many people find themselves undergoing mental perplexities before they even talk to or discuss with anybody. No matter they can tell how and why they are related to these perplexities or not, the only reason they choose psychological counseling is to know more clearly “what’s wrong with them,” “if they can be relieved of these perplexities” and then, moreover, understand “how to deal with their perplexities.”。

II. To change the status quo–
Thinking “I should change” is totally different from “wanting to change” whole-heartedly. There are people who really want to change the status quo and make a breakthrough in life regardless at what point of life they are. Even when other people think you meet many conditions and have lots of good things, you may still find yourself always being held back in some way, neither fully fulfilling yourself nor making any progress. Therefore, behind the motive to change the status quo is more often than not the aspiration for a more substantial and meaningful life.

III. To live more like themselves–
”Who am I?” “Am I living out my life?”
All those who wish to understand the truth of life and the existence of human beings would sincerely ask these questions: “Who am I?” “Do I understand myself?” “Am I living the life I want?” “Is my life worthy?” All these questions point to a kind of inward understanding, and asking about such a “self” is inquiring what “the deeper inner self” is like and whether there are any other ways to “fully fulfill one’s self.” Therefore, the expectation to live more like oneself is: the power of life and true confidence originates more from profound self-understanding and inward awakening than from one’s current possessions.


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