06. What are the differences between psychological counseling and self-help reading?

07. Why does psychological counseling have to persist for a period of time?
05. What are the differences between psychological counseling and ordinary conversation?

Many people do attain lots of new thoughts and learning by reading self-help books as a way to reflect on themselves. However, even enlightened enormously by these new thoughts, they still don’t know how to build substantial connection between these thoughts and themselves. Therefore, even possessing many new ideas, it turns out that they are still the same persons caught in the same situations and responding the same way.

While reading self-help books results in the discovery of one’s own “thoughts,” the interactive mode of psychological counseling leads to the discovery of one’s “self.” Discovering one’s “self” is different from discovering one’s “thoughts” because the former contains the inward reactions that are directly presented through the interactions during psychological counseling. These reactions would become part of the client’s process to understand his or her self as long as they can be recognized, which is why repeated thinking wouldn’t necessarily lead to change, since change and growth is something that rather emerges through “participation” than happens in brains only.


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