07. Why does psychological counseling have to persist for a period of time?

08. What can one achieve after receiving psychological counseling?
06. What are the differences between psychological counseling and self-help reading?

The practice of psychological counseling is inward-oriented.

The working of psychology is intrinsically complicated to a certain degree, and the dimensions of personality have their depth to be recognized and then understood more comprehensively. Moreover, one’s attention to the “happenings in the outside world” is usually much stronger than one’s attention to the “happenings in the inside world,” and the attention to the “happenings in the inside world” is more than often much larger than the attention paid to “what relationship one can maintain with him or herself,” ignoring the greatest possibility of psychological health. Particularly when one has been bothered by the delay and repetition of certain situations, the accumulated psychological outcome and impact could take a period of time in psychological counseling to digest and make progress as the client’s perception gets more sensitive and profound.

There are no quick solutions in psychological counseling; it takes a sustained period of time and seems too much work for lots of people. Therefore, many people still choose to get psychological counseling simply because they realize that they do want to change.

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